Together We Can


Under this programs area, the following activities were implemented.


Orphan child education bursary scheme

Care for African kids CFAK implemented a primary school bursary scheme for disadvantaged people who include youth and orphans , offering support to more than one hundred sixty five people from wakiso district and others as well, this done through offering full bursaries and half bursaries , uniforms , sports kits books as well as possible scholastic materials. The people are either from very poor families orphans hand capped or this might be because of HIV and AIDS or other causes.

Under this scheme, orphans are provided with scholastic materials such as textbooks, exercise books pens pencils geometry sets manila paper sanitary towels and special learning materials for children with disabilities.

The resource center.

A resource center was established at the secretariat. it has been a collection of books reports newsletters and documentaries. The resource center is open to students, researchers and those who need such information. CFAK still welcomes information for the center.

Vocational and technical scheme

In a near future we are planning to set a vocational training center where the youth and widows will be equipped with knowledge of weaving, tailoring, catering , carpentry , electronics , business skills training market oriented agriculture production  and child care and nutrition, building , plumbing mechanical and repair of motor vehicles , cars phones computers and so on.

Part of the land where this project is to be set up has already been provided. Fundraising for the project are going on and several people and institution have been reached but the construction for the first phase if necessary funds are got will be in 2012. However the issue of fundraising is still a big challenge.