Together We Can

Community Empowerment

It has been handled in a number of ways which has been through village meetings, churches and way seen possible.

The Poultry Project

The project started a few months ago but it has been very promising and in this the eggs laid by the chicken bought and donated by the children. The waste pupils have acquired some sills in poultry keeping which is very useful for developing their practical skills.

The dairy project.

So far the few cows we started with have multiplied to a given number through giving birth to calf. The number would be more but the school lost 2 two cows and a calf. According to the director the cows produce a reasonable amount of milk which is consumed by the school children, hence improving their diet and the surplus is taken for sale to help the supplementation of income got. Children have also acquired some skills in taking.

Care of cows, the project however faces challenges of cost of feeding the cows and the treatment.

Workshop business also brings in a lot of profits for us since it caters almost 25% of our budget all the year.

The fruit tree project is also in consideration to be set up in the near future.
Well-wishers and friends generous contribution covers upto 45% of our budget in the year , then agriculture also adds up.